• Foreperson

    Utilities Service, LLCScottsmoor, FL 32775

    Job #1831102625

  • We are currently seeking a Vegetation Foreperson with DL to join our team.

    Essential Functions

    • Receives and interprets tree trimming and spraying orders from a General Foreperson or Line Clearance Supervisor of the utility, which requires the understanding of drawings and symbols representing lines, voltages, line equipment, etc.

    • Plans and lays out daily work for crew.

    • Assigns work for individual crew members and directs crew in performing work according to accepted line clearance practices. Must be capable of adjusting to field requirements and take independent action without close supervision.

    • Enforces safe work practices, as experience, judgment, company policy, and OSHA specifies and conducts safety training in accordance with company policies and procedures.

    • Obtains oral or written permission from property owners to trim or remove trees and apply herbicides. Discusses issues such as obtaining access, power interruption, work to be done, etc., with customer or property owner. Discusses responsibility for apparent damage to property, repairs minor damage, and refers controversial cases to the General Foreperson.

    • Promotes and maintains good customer and public relations through effective completion of assigned work and the appropriate behavior of employees on the crew.

    • Maintains accurate records, timesheets and reports related to the performance of the crew operation. Furnishes General Foreperson and utility representative with reports of orders completed, units of work completed, crew time, and distribution, etc. Periodically furnishes reports on incidents, truck breakdowns, private property damage, new employee follow -up, etc. May be delegated the authority to investigate incident reports, damage claims, etc., and to settle minor damage claims.

    • Controls crew costs, including effective use of peoplepower, work methods, operation of equipment, etc.

    • Safeguards the public from hazards in and around work area. Cooperates with customers, police, and fire departments when blocking streets or driveways. Sets up barriers, warning signs, flags, markers, etc., to protect employees and public.

    • Inspects and makes or provides for necessary repairs to tools, truck, and other equipment.

    • Maintains good housekeeping on truck and at work location.

    • Responsible for DOT maintenance and inspection requirements on all required vehicles.

    • Keeps informed regarding new equipment, specifications, standard practices, operating procedures, and customer and company employee relations policies and practices, including EEO and AA policies.

    • Conducts field training/retraining and instructs crew on new or revised job units.

    • In emergency situations, determines action to be taken to eliminate hazards to life and property.

    • Trims and/or removes trees by climbing with the aid of a ladder, safety belt, climbing line, powered trimmer lift truck, or works from the ground using gasoline, air, and hand-powered saws, pruner, etc. Cuts branches or trunk sections and drops or lowers them to the ground with lines.

    • Uses wedges, sledges, and a one or two-man crosscut or chainsaw when falling trees or trimmed trunks and in cutting and splitting logs into manageable pieces.

    • Sprays stumps and brush with hand-spraying equipment to prevent further growth.

    • Loads and unloads trucks with logs, stumps, brush, and debris and/or feeds brush into a powered chipper.

    • Repairs slight damage to lawns, fences, and walks caused by tree trimming.

    • Services gasoline, air, and hand-powered tools and other equipment.

    • Relays hand-signals, directs traffic, drives, and operates trucks and equipment, as assigned and keeps trucks and work area clear and orderly, as well as helps train new employees.

    • Assumes responsibility for the inspection and proper working conditions of tools, truck, and other work equipment. Requests repair or replacement, when necessary. Maintains good housekeeping on truck and at work locations.

    • Works around hazardous equipment.

    • Works in proximity to energized power lines.

    • Works around excessive noise from machines, chain saw, wood chipper and other equipment with hearing protection.

    • Works in all temperatures and weather and will be exposed to nature, i.e., irritating plants and biting or stinging insects, dust, etc.

    • Works at varying heights above ground and on unlevel terrain.

    Minimum Requirements

    • Due to the inherently dangerous nature of the industry and requirements to work with or around hazardous equipment, employees must be able to maintain attention and concentration for extended periods of time.

    • Must be able to wear necessary PPE as necessary.

    • Must be able to safely drive an approved company vehicle.

    • Must be able to enter and exit a vehicle numerous times a day.

    • Must be able to withstand exposure to all kinds of weather while completing work assignments, i.e, rain, heat, sun, cold.

    • Must be able to traverse various terrains.

    • Must be able to write, read and comprehend written and verbal job instructions/information.

    • Must be able to work with hands above head for extended periods of time.

    • Must be able to walk, climb, and work from ladders, or at various heights, on uneven and slippery surfaces, performing mentally/physically demanding work under unfavorable weather conditions while handling equipment or material.

    • Due to the capacity of existing equipment, the weight of the employee should not exceed approximately 300 pounds.

    • Must be able to lift, move and maneuver up to 50 pounds on an infrequent basis, and up to 10 pounds on a frequent basis.

    • Must have endurance necessary to perform these duties throughout a standard eight or ten hour day. Must be able to work long hours and overtime during emergencies (including holidays, weekends, etc. Subject to call out work).

    • Must have sufficient eyesight to judge distances and coordination to get and use the appropriate equipment and tools.

    • Must be able to operate and service all required tools and equipment.

    • Must have excellent communication and leadership skills.

    • Must have organization skills and be able to multi-task.

    • Must be able to handle confrontational and stressful situations.

    • Must have transportation to and from the show up location.

    • Must pass a background check.

    • Must have a valid Drivers license.

    • Must pass a pre-employment drug test.

    • Must be able to speak English per DOT regulations.

    Physical Requirements:


    Rarely = less than 10%

    Occasionally =up to 33%

    Frequently = up to 66%

    Continuously = 67% to 100%

    Standing: Continuously

    Seeing: Continuously

    Walking: Frequently

    Reading: Frequently

    Sitting: Rarely

    Reaching: Frequently

    Stooping: Occasionally

    Range of Motion: Frequently

    Kneeling: Rarely

    Hearing - Speech Range: Frequently

    Squatting: Frequently

    Depth Perception: Frequently

    Body Twisting: Frequently

    Color Vision: Rarely

    Crawling: Rarely

    Lifting: Frequently

    Sense of Touch: Continuously

    Carrying: Occasionally

    Manual Dexterity: Continuously

    Pushing: Occasionally

    Speaking Clearly: Continuously

    Pulling: Continuously

    Seeing Distant: Continuously

    Climbing Ladders: Occasionally

    Climbing On/Off Truck: Occasionally

    Climbing Stairs: Rarely

    Climbing: Frequently

    Balancing: Frequently

    Griping: Continuously

    Lifting up to 10 lbs: Frequently

    Lifting over 10 lbs to 50 lbs: Frequently

    Lifting up to 50 lbs: Occasionally

    Individuals must be able to perform the essential functions of the position with or without a reasonable accommodation. Individuals with a disability who desire a reasonable accommodation should contact the ADA Coordinator at ~~~, ext 1339.

    An Equal Opportunity Employer, including disabled and vets.